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Transforming rubber

For the processing of rubber, we use injection molding machines of 25 to 400 tons (including dual injections), as well as 3 thermoplastic presses (vertical and horizontal). Depending on your needs, we can offer injection molding or spliced jointing.


Provide aesthetic finishes

We also have bespoke hand finishing equipment: a slipcoat cabin, electrostatic flocking equipment, and a fleet of cutting and finishing machines.


Getting started and storage of customer tools

We develop the means of production adapted to your needs.
We can also integrate your capacity tools to ensure small series productions in the respect of product quality.

In order to free up space for our customers while keeping the possibility of producing parts on demand, we offer a storage service of production tools in the heart of 900m2 of dedicated space. This allows us to be always ready to produce new series, to meet the needs of after-sales services, for example.


On July 10, 2017, SAIRUBBER took over a rubber business and joined forces with the companies  AMGP (molds and metal parts machining) and SAIPLAST (plastic injection), to offer complementary services to their customers in the industry. The sharing of workshops facilitates exchanges and responsiveness between the three specialties.

In all, 40 people support each other on SAIRUBBER projects.

Focus on quality

ISO 9001The requirement of our customers leads us to meet different certifications such as ISO 9001 version 2015. We are on the way to QSB + certification (System Basic + by PSA). Our quality management demonstrates our strong customer orientation and continuous improvement approach. This is the guarantee for our customers to obtain products that meet their expectations.




sairubber-validation-orange A responsiveness at every stage of the process
sairubber-validation-orange Define and deliver quality products

sairubber-validation-orange Accompany and innovate by valuing our knowledge and know-how

Our team

Union of technicians and engineers, our team mixes rubber experience, technique and innovation after years of experience in sealing and antivibration vehicles.

Responsive and open-minded, the SAIRUBBER team is committed to providing answers within 48 hours, and a strong technical proposal force on issues that affect all sectors.

Our rubber specialists do not hesitate to combine their skills with those present in partner companies AMGP (molds and machining of metal parts) and SAIPLAST (plastic injection) in order to offer multi-component expertise and tooling developments adjusted to need.

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